GHOST STORIES: A Collection of the World’s Scariest Haunted Locations, Paranormal Encounters, and Demonic Possessions (PARANORMAL LOCATIONS SERIES)
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Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction – And These Stories Would Tell You Why.

Have you ever felt a sudden drop in temperature around you?

Have you ever experienced a strange, soft voice whispering in your ears?

Do you believe that there’s a world beyond our tangible world – things that can only be felt and not seen?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you’re not the only one.

About 46% of Americans believe that ghosts are real, with a staggering number of them reporting to have experienced paranormal activities at some point in their lives.

Ghost stories have had a special place in many cultures throughout history. They are the portal to connect with a world that resides beyond our imagination.

We are drawn to supernatural stories and mysteries – they have the power to evoke curiosity and widen our perception.

But the stories you’re about to uncover aren’t some spiritual mumbo jumbo… each one has a compelling truth attached to it supported by convincing evidence.

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