Gods Gift of Consciousness

Gods Gift of Consciousness by Stephanie Allen


God's Gift of Consciousness, is based on my personal Journey with God, back to Oneness inside of myself. It is a reflection of my life and the trauma I had to overcome in order to heal the wounds that lived inside of me.

Over the last 10 years of my life God has gifted me with a level of consciousness that is available to anyone who would like to receive it. I've spent 10 years trying to find a way to give this back to the world and the best way I know how is to tell my story.

In my Journey I learned that I was creating life from an unconscious perspective. My ego, and in my Journey you can follow along as I describe to you my challenges and how I brought my subconscious mind into my conscious awareness, and how I began to learn life from this perspective.

Conscious Creation is the ability to create simultaneously with your energy. It is the ability to create life from a higher source of energy. It is being in alignment with your source of power. Your conscious mind. It is understanding that you are a higher source of energy, and you have the ability to create anything you so desire.

So, how do you achieve this? I asked God for 12 sources of energy. The first being Love. You can download my Journey, and in that I will show you how to open to the idea of loving yourself from within. I will describe to you my challenges and how I overcame them through source energy, and in that you will have the opportunity to do this for yourself.

After Love I will offer: Strength, Courage, Forgiveness, Patience, Peace, Wisdom, Trust, Faith, Believe, Receive, and Freedom. Each will be a separate download in the Series, "Decide What You Want for Your Life" that will contain every step of my journey back to oneness through God.

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