Gotta Kiss a Few Frogs
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Gotta Kiss a Few Frogs by Eliza Bolt

Charlotte Louise Grant is the reigning queen of love advice, dishing out wisdom on her popular online blog. Little do her readers know, her own love life is as parched as a desert. But with her thirtieth birthday looming, Charley is ready to take matters into her own hands and make love happen. Armed with determination and a knack for awkward encounters, Charley sets out on a mission to find her perfect match. The only problem? The path to true love is paved with frogs – the kind that don't magically transform into Prince Charming. From disastrous blind dates to laugh-out-loud encounters with quirky suitors, Charley's search for that elusive spark is a rollercoaster ride of hilarity. But as she wades through a sea of amphibians, Charley begins to wonder if true love even exists. Especially when the only man her heart wants thinks he’s too broken to ever love again. In this uproarious romantic comedy, Eliza Bolt delights readers with witty banter, laugh-until-you-cry moments, and a heartwarming story of love, loss, and forgiveness.
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