Hard Amazon Rain: A rainforest jungle adventure romance
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Stranded in a tropical rainstorm at Iquitos, Peru, burned-out art therapist Dianti Robertson waits for a boatman long overdue. She must complete the construction of a library for Yanamono Amerindians on the upper Amazon before the wild deluges of the rainy season halt all construction.


English eco-activist Christian St. Cloud offers her passage on his trimaran. River pirates attack, and he believes her cargo is their target. Haunted by the memory of nine indigenous villages destroyed by a dam project in Venezuela, Christian opposes anything he sees as a threat to the ancient Amerindian way of life—guns, Nikes, boomboxes, and libraries.


Threatening the future of Dianti’s village is ruthless Dutch soldier-of-fortune, Kees Wijntuin, who wants the area mined for gold.


When two Amerindian youths are kidnapped by the Dutchman and sold into slavery at the mining camp of Santo Ignacio, can Dianti and Christian successfully join forces to save them?

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