Helping Americans Heal!: The Ultimate Guide to Healing, During These Challenging Times
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Finally! A book dedicated to help us all heal during these challenging and chaotic times!

Did you know?

1. 79% of Americans needed more emotional support than they received in the past year. (A.P.A.)

2. 40%+ struggle with anxiety and depression daily.

3. Addictions, of all types, are climbing out of control.

4. 80% of relationships are extremely stressed and unhealthy.

5. Attitude challenges, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more!

In this book, we have the solutions for our challenges. You are never alone.

Along with his new monthly program, Helping Americans Healâ„¢, this book discusses how to deal with and overcome depression, dependency, addictions, and other afflictions brought on by these stressful times.

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