Innate Wisdom, How to Use The Tao and Embrace Your Female Power in Midlife Stress!
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Is the hectic pace of life with its many responsibilities causing you to lose sight of yourself?

Keeping one's head above water in midlife can be challenging enough on its own, so how do you deal with transitions and transformations of the 21st century as well?

The answer you are looking for is already inside you, but with the help of Innate Wisdom, you will learn how to use the Tao and embrace your female power in midlife stress.

If you want to learn how to balance your life, master challenges, and heal yourself by embracing an introduction to the teachings of Tao Te Ching, then this is the book you need.

 Inside Innate Wisdom, you will discover:

       how to identify the roles you play in relationships and rediscover who you are

       why you can say no without the need to explain it

       how to put yourself first and remain there

       acknowledging your worth and reaffirming yourself

       how to find the calm, live in the peace and feel the joy

… along with so many more tips, techniques, and methods that will guide you on your journey of transformation by embracing your innate wisdom.

From learning how to live life in harmony with yourself and the world around you by identifying your core self, Innate Wisdom is the ultimate guide to living a life of peace, transparency, and joy beyond physical, philosophical, and religious boundaries.

Everything will happen in its time, and your time is now.

Get your copy today and look forward to a calmer, grounded and balanced tomorrow.

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