Itsy Mouse (Fur and Feather Tales Book 1)
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Itsy Mouse is about a chocolate chip cookie chomping mouse who loves pink slippers!

Itsy Mouse is a tidy little mouse, but will people welcome him? This first book in the Fur and Feather Tales series is a mouse adventure book for children.

Itsy Mouse is about an adorable little field mouse who loves to eat! With a cozy little home in an old barn, he has the perfect life for a country mouse. This mouse book for children gives readers an illustrated view of Itsy’s home, a place filled with little things. His cute tiny home doesn't stop him from thinking about a nearby farmhouse with a well-stocked kitchen. With all the goodies inside, how can he resist? Itsy is risking it all for a late-night quest for food and luxury in a pink fuzzy slipper.

This delightful animal adventure book is also a picture book written and illustrated by Patricia Arnold. The Fur and Feather Tales series is based on the adventures of animals living in the author's yard. The charming and humorous story and illustrations in this book will make you smile! This delightful book is a great choice for storytime. Parents, grandparents, teachers, educators, and caregivers looking for mouse books for kids will find the world of Itsy Mouse an unexpectedly fun place to visit.

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