Keto Chicken Recipes : 50 Easy and Delicious Ketogenic Diet Recipes, Cookbook for beginners
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Have you decided recently to change your diet and go keto? Then you are probably looking for new and healthy ways to cook your favorite dishes.

This new cookbook is perfect for beginners as its` recipes are simple to make at home, and all the ingredients are common and easy to get in any groceries store.

Chicken meat is one of the essential products in western cuisine. In this cookbook, you will find recipes for how to cook

  • chicken breasts and thighs,
  • chicken drumsticks and wings,
  • ground chicken, and leftovers of rotisserie chicken,
  • the recipes for chicken salads and soups.

Your home menu will change and become more creative, and you will learn how to make

  • nutritious breakfasts,
  • delicious lunches,
  • yummy snacks,
  • and elegant dinners.

Every recipe has a professional picture of a ready dish. Also, you'll find quite a few tips on the spices that each recipe requires.

So purchase this new cookbook for beginners today, put on your apron, and be ready to cook like a chef!

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