Late Bloomer Baby Boomer

Late Bloomer Baby Boomer by Steve Milliken


Whether teaching in the urban ghetto or navigating the gay ghetto, newly published, first-time author Steve Milliken naively finds the funny while chipping away at the challenging and tricky complexities of the lifelong, coming out process.
A Southern California native, his wide-ranging essays include such “universal” topics as concealing your inner sissy in the 60s, tossing Cobb salads for the stars in the mid-70s while working at the Brown Derby Restaurant in Beverly Hills, supplying outlandish driver advice to people who thought they had called the Department of Motor Vehicles, piloting the proper parameters of profanity in the workplace, and even how to become a high school English teacher in the new millennium.
His experiential essay titles include “Sober Porn,” “My Colonoscopy Eve,” “My Rocky Horror Virginity Show,” “Getting the Balls to Become a Better Reader,” and of course, “Bitch Ass Snitch,” but not necessarily in that order….
This book is for anyone who is gay, knows someone who is gay, or “straight” guys who’ve had a gay experience, like wearing a belt that matches his shoes.

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