Leader, Not a Boss
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Leader, Not a Boss by Benjamin Babic

"Leader, Not a Boss" serves as an essential guide for new managers, providing valuable insights throughout the comprehensive cycle of their interaction with employees, divided into four distinct parts: "Hire," "Develop," "Retain," and "Lay Off." The book not only highlights the distinctions between a leader and a boss but also elucidates the essential rules a leader should follow. It offers practical advice for new managers, addressing key pitfalls to avoid when stepping into a managerial role and providing guidance on motivating teams. The book delves into tactics for effective hiring and skillfully managing layoffs, ensuring a well-rounded approach to various aspects of leadership. With a focus on both the positive aspects of team development and the challenging aspects of employee transitions, "Leader, Not a Boss" is a comprehensive resource for those navigating their managerial roles for the first time.
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