Looking Through A Mirror

Looking Through A Mirror by Nikhita Kalluri

In Looking Through A Mirror, Nikhita Kalluri takes her readers on a journey of exploration and understanding. She grapples with issues of universal humanism, suffering of existence, and what it means to be human in an ever-changing world. Through beautiful moments and emotions at their purest, her poems expose a raw sense of vulnerability-the key to finding something of true meaning and profound depth. They encapsulate the universal spectrum of emotion, and with it, the depth of the human experience we all share: beautiful yet messy, timeless yet ancient. In this space, she uses her voice as a source of light for those who remain in the dark. For those who feel a sense of stagnancy in their creative expression, who feel like their life has become devoid of intensity and purpose, who feel lost in their path, this book is a powerful wake-up call.
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