Lost It: A Scorching Hot First Time Romance
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Choosing my best friend’s brother for my *first time* felt like a no-brainer. But he has a dominant side I never expected. And while this was meant to be a one-time thing, I find myself desperate for more ... A junior in college with her v-card still intact, Lindy Michaels is sick of being the only one of her friends without a sex life. Determined to right this wrong, she sets out to find the perfect guy to “lose” it to. Not a relationship, just a one-night stand. He’s got to be attractive, nice, safe, and … maybe even someone she knows? Cole Andrews has been in her life almost as long as she could talk. The brother of her best friend Carly, he’s always been around. Surely, he’d be a safe choice. Not to mention how hot he is. But Cole is hesitant. As much as he finds Lindy attractive, he worries he might not be the best choice for a girl’s first time. After all, he tends to like things a bit rough. But Lindy is determined. And after things take a surprising turn one night, it has both of them questioning whether this “one-night” arrangement can truly stay that way. A scorching hot first time romance, this novel contains explicit content between consenting adults. Includes themes of first time, rough play, dirty talk, and domination.
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