Love Soars the Skies, A mother’s quest to reach her son
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A mother's love lasts for all eternity.

Her worst fear came true, the unthinkable. Suddenly plunged into a bottomless reservoir of grief, only one thing would save her from total despair.
Trusting her heart alone, new vision became the survival tool as she implored the universe to mercifully expand and lower its invisible, life-sustaining bridge to connect heaven and earth.
Nathan was always so wise and knowledgeable beyond his years. Surely he would also master whatever skills were necessary.
The ultimate testing of a mother’s love. Supremely powerful, persistent, unyielding—to reach her son in the place he now resided.
Two worlds merge together, and prove that LOVE really does soar the skies.
From the book:
“I have to believe that all of us are capable of sharpening our vision, so we may glimpse the wonders of eternity and fathom, in all its powerful glory, the mighty bond of love that forever weaves and sustains it.”

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