Make Money Selling Your Craft: 10 Ways Your Skills Will Bring You Passion, Purpose and Profit

Ever wish your financial life could enable you to enjoy all other parts of your life?

Wouldn't it be great to make money with your skills and talent, either as extra income or profitable side business and be excited to boast that you have arrived?

The combination of generating income through your passion and having meaning through it all is a lost gem in the beauty of life. Today's world focuses on instant gratification in all walks of life, chasing fleeting pleasures and fading dreams, bringing frustration and emptiness to the human soul.

Make Money Selling Your Craft: 10 Ways Your Skills Will Bring You Passion, Purpose And Profit is what Tarisai Mzwimbi offers in this practical guide to equip you to live life doing what you are talented or skilled in, whether you know it or not, get paid for it, and leave you feeling fulfilled.

After you read this book you will have a good understanding of the value of having a strong resolve for your passion by ultimately answering the why question, and ways in which you can market any skill you have, and profit from your gifting.

You will learn how to:

• Find Your Passion
• Persist In Improving Your Skills
• Easy Goal Setting Techniques
• Motivate Yourself Effortlessly
• Find Meaning and Fulfillment in What You Do
• Be An Inspiration To Yourself And Others
• Develop Your Dream Team
• Learn From A Mentor
• Use Criticism To Your Advantage
• Market And Sell Your Skills/Talent

Whether as a side hustle, extra income or new business, if you are looking to enjoy making money doing what you are good at, and find meaning in your life, get your hands on this amazing guide and start leading a wholesome life today!

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