MARAEL by Mary Ojile


What do you do when faced with the unavoidable reality of losing someone you love?

Marael is an Angel in the Kingdom of Heaven who looks down and sees the sufferings of the children of Earth. She is compelled to offer help and asks her Father to allow her to be reborn as a human so she can spread love to the children. He grants her request but it comes at a price… and a test!

As a human that carries the energy signature of Heaven, Marael faces challenges with human foes, but she also finds love that comes with a twist.

Experience how a high-ranking Angel who has known nothing but the comforts of the Heavenly Kingdom endures through the trails and tribulations of life as a human, and witness how she manoeuvres through the difficulties humans face… especially LOVE.

This is a work of fiction inspired by true events.

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