Mindful Homeschooling
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Mindful Homeschooling by Miranda McCarthy


Did you know that homeschooled children perform significantly better than their public and private schooled peers on standardized tests, including SAT and ACT?

Homeschooling fosters strong family relationships and can provide a flexible and individualized education, leading to better academic and social outcomes. But even though it can be more effective and beneficial, for many it may seem like a daunting task. Taking on the responsibility of designing and implementing a child’s tuition can be intimidating for parents who want their children to be happy, knowledgeable and successful.  
But what if there was a way to make homeschooling less overwhelming and break it down into actionable steps?  

In Mindful Homeschooling, you’ll learn:

      • The benefits of homeschooling and factors to consider before starting
      • Understanding the myths, misconceptions and realities
      • How to create a learning environment and how to use it to further your goals and motivate your children
      • How to find rhythm and balance
      • Different methods of education and how to hone teaching as a skill
      • The technical aspects, standards and requirements
      • How to keep track of progress and create an assessment portfolio
      • How to develop your own teaching philosophy
      • How to identify an end-goal and design an action plan
      • How to customize a curriculum that’s molded around your child’s individual needs
      • How to make a lesson plan and pin down the objectives
      • How to stay organized, become resourceful and save money

And much more.

Whether you’re new to home education and want to grow your confidence or are just looking for fresh ideas and inspiration, Mindful Homeschooling is the resource you’ve been looking for.

Replace anxiety with excitement and start your homeschooling journey today!

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