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MY NAME IS 201 by Dale O. Garrett


‘My Name is 201’ is a thrilling and entertaining journey through the life of Dale Garrett, a young man who defies the odds and becomes a law enforcement officer while moonlighting as a professional comedy magician.

The book takes you through Dale's adventures as he balances his duties as a police officer and his genuine love for making people laugh. Throughout his journey, you'll get to know the humorous and lighthearted side of police work as Dale describes hilarious practical jokes he perpetrated on his fellow officers.

However, the book is not just about laughs, as Dale finds himself in life-threatening situations that test his skills and training. This book is an exciting, unforgettable ride filled with thrills, laughs, and lessons on life and perseverance.

Whether you're a fan of true police stories or just looking for an enjoyable, fun read, "My Name is 201" will not disappoint. So, follow the exploits of Dale Garrett, a man who loved both his serious police career and making people laugh, as he lives his life on the stage and behind the badge as the unforgettable 201.

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