Nana’s Call: Every Day At 5 o’clock

Nana's Call - Every Day At 5 o'clock.

About the book: Your kids will fall in love with “Nana’s Call,” a children's book for kids ages 1-3yrs designed to get your kids excited about reading. Designed by a real grandmother, and featuring beautiful illustrations, this is a story your children will read again and again. Nana's Call is a special gift for toddlers, teaching communication skills through fun, engaging pictures and simple words.

To Parents: Parents, Does your toddler like talking to his/her Nana every day? This is the best children's book for toddlers who love to talk and sing, and dance with their Nana via a video phone call. If your child does these activities with his/her Nana but she lives far away, then this book is for you.

Nana's Call is a charming children's book for ages 1-3yrs. It is a single story that teaches toddlers that even though their grandparents live far away, they do love them very much. Filled with bright and colorful pages and rhyming sentences, your kid will enjoy it.

The Story: In this book, Nana calls her grandson, Niam, every day after work. They sing and dance and air-hug each other. Even when it's time to say bye-bye, they are not sad, because Niam knows that Nana will call him every day at 5 o'clock.

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