Nate and the cake
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Nate and the cake by Sannette Grant


Childrens book; A kids bedtime story on obedience to God, an important skill to learn

Christian childrens books on obedience are very important. In this bedtime stories children's picture book on obedience to God, mother tells Nate to wait until after dinner to eat the cake but can Nate wait? Will Nate choose to obey his mother's instructions? Will Nate show obedience to authority? Come on the journey with Nate as he battles whether or not to obey. This is a bedtime story to read as you bond with your child and teach obedience.

Build your child's character, teach Christian values with this bedtime story book for kids

This is a Christian character building book for kids teaching obedience. It is a book on obedience to God. It is a great Christian values book for kids which will help parents who are trying to teach their children about obedience. This kids bedtime story book on obedience shows kids actionable steps towards choosing obedience.

From this obedience kids bedtime story book your little ones will learn:
1. Why is obedience to God important?
2. The benefits of obedience
3. Scriptures on obedience showing what the bible says about obedience
4. Obedience activities for kids specifically tools to help them choose obedience

Do you want your children choosing obedience? Do you want them demonstrating Christian character traits? Why not grab a copy of this bedtime story to read to your kids? This book is apart of the Bedtime Stories series and serves as a great baptism gift or graduation gift for kids teaching Christian values. Thank you for choosing to purchase your copy today.

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