Neville Southall The Biography of An Everton & Wales Football Legend

''I like when I ask questions and I don't want to find stuff out. I want the answers straight away, I don't want to be waiting for hours and hours and hours. So Twitter suited me down to the ground because within five seconds normally somebody came back and gave me an answer. It might not always be the answer I like but I always got an answer and I think I like that side of it. For me to move from football into doing what I'm doing now, I think it's because I got to talk to people I never talked to in my life had I stayed in football'' Neville Southall on why he uses Twitter This was to be a stress-free, relaxed day in Carmarthen, Wales, for this legend, who was arguably the world’s best goalkeeper in the 1980s, as he takes a break from his consuming travelling. Southall listens while it is explained that our interview will be like no other that he has taken part in. It would be conducted in two halves. John would discuss the football side of stuff and I would be asking random every day to day questions and we settle down for one of the most exhaustive and unusual conversations we've ever had.

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