Nights A Stray
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Nights A Stray by Nikolai Bryant


How could anyone here be normal?

Coda Beckett had been cursed with Lycanthropy, born in a cage like a farm dog. He’d grown up with the stench of sulfur and smoke, alongside his mother. She’d given him the best life she could, when she wasn’t having the magic siphoned from her by the leeches that owned them.

Every single night, she would talk about one place, one hope- a quaint little town, far beyond the concrete walls of the Battery Farm- a quiet little place called Clearview, Colorado.

It’s a sanctuary for creatures cursed with magic, and the only place in the world that the mages hadn’t stepped foot into. By some miracle, Coda and his mother find themselves helped by a human family to get to the sanctuary they so desperately have been searching for.

However, even in the sanctuary of Clearview, things are not as normal as they seem.

And to make things worse, the seemingly normal human family is hiding a dark secret that could cost the residents of Clearview their lives, bringing hell directly to the doorsteps of those who thought they were safest.

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