On Love Street: A Romance Novella (Love And The City Series Book 1)
Ryan Paige, is an adventurous and passionate photographer who sees the world through his lenses. A lovely yet unloved man, he travels through the world of hearts, unaware about its beauty and bad. At his first shot of Cupid's arrow, he experiences the beautiful side of love. What happens when your beginning seems cryptic? Writer and Editor, Lily Everton is content with a work-based life. Having the bitter taste of affection twice, she is determined to set her feet in a lane that keeps her away from her lonely thoughts. Taking a turn on Love street once again, she meets the one whom her heart seeks. Her life, once just a writer of love and cheer, is now transformed into a love story of its own. However, a twist sets in as a piece of her past resurfaces. "Love and the City" is a clean and wholesome romance series that follows the complicated love story between Lily, a successful career woman, and Ryan, a charming and adventurous photographer. Set in the bustling city of New York, the series takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions as the two protagonists navigate their relationship amidst the challenges of city life. “On Love Street” is the first book in the “Love And The City” Romantic comedy Series with humor, heart warming love story, and sizzling chemistry with the bedroom door closed.
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