Peril in Paradise
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Peril in Paradise by Jerold Last


A private detective finds a box containing more than a quarter of a million dollars in cash in the ocean while SCUBA diving in Hawaii.  He attempts to return the money to the proper authorities.  But things go wrong.  Before long the money has disappeared along with two missing FBI agents who can’t be found, and Roger is in trouble with the local police and the FBI.  Was the missing money intended for an illegal drug deal, as a payoff for crooked cops, or as a ransom for a kidnap victim?  Is it real or counterfeit?  Roger follows a twisted trail of illicit drugs, police corruption, and murder in this suspenseful thriller set in the vacation paradise of Maui as he seeks the answers to these questions.  There’s plenty of action and several attempts on Roger’s life, as well as beautiful scenery, excellent food, and Kona coffee to be consumed before this case is solved. 

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