Pounding Chest
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Pounding Chest by Armani Antonellis


In a raw delivery of personal journals, cringe-worthy debauchery, philosophical/spiritual meditations, and practical reflections:

I share how I climbed myself out of my mounting troubles, refocused my purpose, and started making my dreams a reality.


"My first job had been on a beautiful beach, and the memories of those glorious work days flooded my mind. I thought about the opportunities I threw away. The recent jail time echoed around each memory. Reflecting on the last few years of my life was like setting a blade on fire and slowly plunging it into my soul.

I started shaking. Sobbing. I didn’t even care about the drool that was spurting from the corners of my mouth. I begged for the forgiveness of the sand, and the tenacity of the ocean. I prayed for help."

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