Princess Celesti 1

Princess Celesti 1 by River Star

In the shadow of her dead brother's legacy, Princess Celesti has lived a sheltered life in her palace for twenty-three long years, deprived of friends and freedom by over-protective parents. Her only glimmer of hope lies in a proposed marriage to a neighbouring prince, one she hopes will bring love and a life free from the concubines that haunt her father's kingdom. But fate takes a cruel twist when three ruthless abductors snatch her away from the comforts of her palace. Among them is a doctor, a hulking figure with dreadlocks and a nose ring, who both intrigues and terrifies her with his imposing presence. Then there's the spy, a striking man whose charm is marred by his cruel demeanour. He's a man full of secrets, driven by his own desires, and he has ominous plans to deliver her to the enigmatic King of the North. Lastly, a quiet genius in their midst, the pilot, has crafted a remarkable flying machine that carries them away from all she's ever known. But the question remains: Will she ever escape this harrowing ordeal and find her way back to the arms of her promised prince? In this gripping tale of captivity, intrigue, and the pursuit of true love, Princess Celesti's world is turned upside down as she faces challenges and choices that will shape her destiny. Will she find her way back to her royal betrothed, or will these unexpected companions and their flying machine lead her to a different fate altogether? ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ Warning: This medium burn romance is only suitable for 18+ because it has steamy scenes at a high-heat level. Those scenes are MFM.
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