Raccoon Ruby Learns to Wait
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Raccoon Ruby Learns to Wait by Dan Parisson


Looking for an easy way to teach children patience?

The best way is a story. A story can be read at any time, at bedtime or during the day. A cute and funny short story will amuse and teach children patience and good manners. The story is suitable for children ages 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8. A fun story, will show a short way to the importance of patience in our lives.

The very clear and simple pictures in the book, will show a simple way to learn patience and good manners.
A long time ago, each of us was a child, sometimes there were no boundaries for us. Our parents' love surrounded us everywhere we went. Parents fulfilled all our wishes without delay, but for every child there comes a time when it is important to learn to wait a little while to get what you want. Read a fun story of patience and show a cute example of patience to your children.

A fun story of patience includes:

  • Kind and fun poems that grab a child's attention and deliver an important lesson in patience.
  • Simple illustrations, will show in pictures why patience and good manners are important.
  • The cute story of Ruby the Coon, will help teach patience, every time.