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ReAwakening by Bonnie Thomley

After her father's disappearance and subsequent death, Amy Brown is on a mission to find the person responsible. And when she does, their life will be recompense. Unfortunately, she has no idea where to start searching. The only clue she finds is a notebook with a single word that twists her mind. Immortality. She risks it all to get close to her prime suspect but it comes with a cost. Deceit, betrayal, and danger lurk around every corner. If she can navigate it, she might come out on top. One wrong step could send her to an early grave. Good thing her father taught her to be resilient. In the end, she will have to make a choice. How far is she willing to go to get revenge? Follow along in suspense to find out if Amy will get the revenge she seeks, and witness her ultimate rebirth.
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