Rhythm That Surrounds Us
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Rhythm That Surrounds Us by Monica Nelson

Kaddy Chandler is a resolute woman. Her strongly held beliefs tell her that all powerful men are egocentric scoundrels like her father, that romance absolutely cannot be found in the law firm she works for, and that life events follow a pattern of pendulum swings. The challenge side of the pendulum brings growth and learning. But the pendulum's restful, happy, life-is-good side seems to be eluding her. Can an unexpected alliance with a handsome partner in her firm bring her love life rhythm swinging toward a blissful future? Chase Shearan is a lost man. While pursuing the rigors of career, he has become a high-profile triumph that his colleagues respect and admire. But at a high cost. He’s lost the marriage he has valued and believed was solid. And he’s having trouble filling a growing emptiness in his soul. These things have shaken his worldview to its core. Love remains a high priority in his life but the loss of it makes him question everything. Who he is, what he does, and most of all, what he must give up to be the man he wants to be. At the start of his identity crisis, he meets Kaddy whose uncomfortable insight adds more questions than answers. He can’t get her beliefs or her image out of his mind. Could this woman with the crazy philosophy of life have a place in his?
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