Riveting: Poetry and Rhyme
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Azaan started writing her unflinching poetry in the 1980’s. Her love for rhythm, rhyme and verse began innocently while her grandmother read nursery rhymes which she still remembers today. By the time Azaan was a teen, she had filled several notebooks with lyrics, poetry, rap and prose. 

This collection of poems was written while she was still at Dominguez High School. This rare book is a tiny part of Azaan’s testimony as a black child who loved another woman. Her poetry was her therapy as she grew into adulthood. Writing Riveting Poetry and Rhyme was part of her destiny and her journey. 

Azaan quickly became an instrumental poetic voice, while she used her poetry to navigate domestic violence, racism, religion, Love, heterosexism, acceptance, and trauma. This collection spans two decades of writing, love, pain and passion.

This book provides a glimpse into the life of a young black woman torn between religion, family, duty, and the love of a woman, a lesbian woman. These poems are raw and gritty, full of emotion, pain, sex and sensuality, leaving the reader with a sense of triumph and liberation. 

Poetic pieces like STUD, Looking 4 Dijan, Love is Not Abuse, I Confess, Azaan’s Blues and Riveting are quintessential to her literary beginnings. 

Other notable books by Azaan Kamau Include: In the Midst of My Blackness, Got Homophobia, Your Body Wants to Heal Naturally, , Letters To My Bully, The Dank Dictionary, Stiletto II, and the ground breaking STUD Dispelling the Myths. 

Some of Azaan’s lesser-known works include; Azaan’s Passion Behind The Lens, The Cannabis Epicurean, ROOTS of My Black America; A Charleston Plantation, The Memoirs of Madlyn F. Glover; the Love and Romance with Ray Charles Robinson. Not to mention Azaan’s pride and joy, Vintage Coaches and Motor Mansions; A Journey Through Black History. 

Stay tuned for Azaan’s upcoming books and her two new publishing imprints.

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