Sacred Flow (Poetry Book Series 6)
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May the poetry in this book serve as a reminder to honor and respect your sensuality.
Consciously use your senses to understand the world around and within you.
Release past shame or guilt from your body and heal.
Forgive yourself for having shared your physical temple with strangers.
Bathe in the power of your creative and life-birthing center.
Allow the free expression of body movement in the form of dance.
Be like the element of water which adjusts and accepts without seeking to control.
Faithfully trust and go with the currents of life by transforming the urge to resist change.

Embrace the sacred flow within to answer the necessary questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why am I here?
Let the answers which arise manifest as your legacy to this world.

Sacred Flow is the sixth in a series of seven poetry books. It is composed of poems associated with topics of the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the second chakra. It is associated with yin and feminine energy, sexual connection, sensuality, pleasure, relationships, creative expression, emotions, sensitivity, and fluidity.

The Chakra System

According to the Vedas (ancient Indian sacred texts), the physical body is composed of seven primary energy or vortex centers called chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. The seven main chakras run along the spine-beginning with the root chakra and ending with the crown chakra. The main chakras are:

  • 1 Root
  • 2 Sacral
  • 3 Solar plexus
  • 4 Heart
  • 5 Throat
  • 6 Third eye
  • 7 Crown

Each chakra has a different color, element, sound, mantra, function, location, major organ, and association. The flow or blockage/imbalance of subtle energy in each chakra determines the health or disease of the individual body.

Sacral Chakra information:

Sanskrit name: Swadhisthana or Svadhisthana
Color: Orange
Element: Water
Sound: Vam
Mantra: "I Feel"
Practice: Dance, tantra yoga, psychotherapy
Function: Healthy sexuality and sex drive, sensuality, pleasure, emotional awareness, connection, free expression of creativity, and fluid movement
Location: Below the navel
Organ: Kidneys, bladder, ovaries/testicles, lower abdomen, sacrum, pelvis and bodily fluids
Dysfunctions when imbalanced: Overwhelmingly emotional, moody and impulsive, pessimistic, feelings of guilt and shame, overly sexual, poor boundaries, self-critical, guarded, lack of creativity, low libido, addictive personality, irregular menstrual cycle, lower back pain, sciatica, kidney problems, sexual disorders, impotence, and fertility issues.
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