Shouldn’t Have Come
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Shouldn’t Have Come by Sloane Sabel

“Shouldn’t Have Come” merges the questionable morals of monsters with mythology of the four horsemen. The harbingers are hot and deadly, the heroine won’t choose, and everybody wins at the end….well, mostly. It is a paranormal dark monster romance with fantasy elements set in a rural small town. Themes include the pending apocalypse, violence, and adult situations. This adult book is not suitable for readers under 18. Please check the Reader's Advisory before reading. All she wanted was to take her shot. Madam Valeria Raventhorn, a void witch with talents for communing with the dead and other unsavory things, is the last of her family's legacy. Shunned for her abilities, she jumps at the opportunity the Apparition Authority offers her. It's a chance to showcase her talent to the world, a ghost hunt of a century broadcast live on TV during an eclipse. When the summoning doesn't go as planned, the apocalypse is unleashed and the four horsemen want one thing…for Valeria to succumb. Time is of the essence as the solar eclipse peaks and a decision must be made. Will Valeria submit to the monsters or sacrifice herself to stop them? "Shouldn’t Have Come" is a dark romance featuring various monsters as the four horsemen.
Genre: Horror
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