Splattering Yet Endearing: Part 1
I have been an adult for a few years now.
My life as I know it has completely changed because of this girl.

Romantic partners are dying from an acute and highly fatal disease.
Public health is helpless; there are no survivors.

Porma has just moved in with Iteni, his old high school crush.
This is his chance to start a life in a new city, sharing a bed with the girl of his dreams, every night.
He is getting used to his new Maine home, when he isn’t thinking about her.

Iteni is wondering about her body and her new roommate.
This is her chance to keep everything normal, but she wants something from him, too.
She keeps hiding in the bathroom, when she isn’t quietly staring at him.

Presented like a screenplay, Splattering Yet Endearing is an adult, contemporary romance series with elements of sci-fi, mystery and more. If you like deep, immersive stories with visceral action in and out of bed, you’ll love reading this intimate series.

Read Splattering Yet Endearing to meet vibrant characters and their rich story.

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