The Book of Power
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The Book of Power by Charles Quince

The Book of Power is an epic 40, 839-word supernatural thriller that leaves the reader questioning whether achieving one’s desires is worth the price. It’s the Monkey Paw meets Stephen King’s Needful Things. Financial investment manager, Hope Bankston, has achieved her dreams of working for one of the most successful investment firms in the country. However, there’s one caveat that keeps her from sustaining her success: her lack of abilities to do the job. Her only beacon of light comes in the form of a magical book that she received as a gift from a fortune teller. But it comes with its own set of conditions that doesn’t make things easier for Hope. When the book sets its own limitations, it threatens Hope’s confidence in her own future and her tenuous position at the investment firm. With the help of her good friend – proving that valuable advice can be a magical devise for anyone – Hope learns that the most important thing is the magic of believing in oneself.
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