THE ELEPHANT’S CHILD: A short funny fairy tale with pictures. For reading aloud with toddlers 2-6 years old who are learning to read. Bedtime stories for little boys and girls
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THE ELEPHANT'S CHILD. A small fairy tale book with big pictures for children who live learning to read. Rudyard Kipling's tale of how the elephant got its trunk. Artistically designed texts, short but emotional dialogues, and beautifully drawn pages that flow smoothly into one another will keep your children excited and captivated until the exact last page of the book.

• The story is interesting, easy to read, and easy to remember, and the fantastic illustrations add even more interest to the book.

• The font is big and clear.

• Simple text for children's reading practice.

• Great for novice readers.

• Good for reading aloud before bedtime for toddlers 2-6 years old.

• A good bedtime story for children 3-5 years old.

• A short and funny bedtime story that will appeal to preschoolers.

This book is formed for children who like to read stories with large pictures before going to bed.

Grab your copy now will not be disappointed.

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