The Fear of The Lord: How God’s Honour Guarantees Your Peace
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“She explains God, not as a concept, but as the ‘Eternal Being’ we can safely relate with and love.” – Apostle John-Paul Okwok, President of City of Life Ministries In The Fear of the Lord, author Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana draws on 14 years of Christian faith-based experience working with children, teenagers and adults and personal devotion to God’s word to offer Christians inspirational guidance, so that anyone can find peace by fearing God and living through Jesus. Perhaps most valuable to Christians who yearn to walk God’s path, the author offers valuable Bible interpretation and uses popular Holy Bible events to help illustrate how Christian youths and adults can overcome temptations in potential pitfalls in today’s world. In this book, you will learn how fearing God and living according to God’s example can help teens and adults deal with even the most difficult of life’s problems: Understanding God and following Jesus – powerful tips for hearing God The importance of obeying God and being a God-fearing Christian How to overcome fear and live your life to the fullest Proven parenting skills reinforced by Scripture and living in God’s image The strength provided by Christian prayer and fasting Is the Bible true? Understanding common misinterpretations of the Bible and having confidence in the truth of Scripture, almost 2,000 years after the first Bible was written Defining sin and identifying evil – how to avoid them How to avoid the temptations of adultery and seduction – the pleasures of sin are fleeting, and God is all-knowing The Fear of the Lord is a manual for victorious Christian living in today’s world written by an author with a heart for the young. Youths and adults as well, will find particularly helpful tips here not only because the writer draws illustrations from their world, but more so because a saved child or youth is worth more for God’s Kingdom. If you are keen on being a true Christian, or on living the life of Christ, and you want to find heaven as your final resting place, then this inspirational Christian book is a highly recommended read.
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