The First Seal
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The First Seal by Sean Deville


If you could survive the coming apocalypse, would you envy the dead?

What if the Antichrist was a man so powerful that he could control governments and influence the fates of entire economies?
What if his single goal was to smash open the gates of hell and allow Satan and his demonic minions to take dominion over the Earth?
What if he had kept his identity secret... until now?

There is only one force on Earth that can oppose him. A secret order of devoted religious assassins known only as inquisitors.

Lilith was just a child when she was inducted into the ranks of the Inquisition.
Trained to kill demons without mercy, Lilith has dedicated her life to slaughtering the demonic hordes that have invaded Earth for centuries. She is as ruthless as she is relentless, and yet, despite her efforts, the Satanic threat grows with every passing day. For the balance has shifted and Lilith is about to discover that the apocalypse, the final and desperate battle for humanity, has begun.

Welcome to the end of days.

Genre: Horror
Book Length: