The Generals of the great war

This book is about the men

 1-The men who were the very best that nations can put in the battlefield

2-The men who had the resilience to strike back from the jaws of defeat.

3-The men who had extraordinary almost mythical military skill

4-The men who had the courage to look in the eyes of death and still move forward.

5-The men who became part of myth,Legend and tales

6-The men who were unpredictable,intelligent,sensible and brave all at once

7-The men who are some of the greatest military geniuses 

8-The men who had tremendous, almost mythological level military skill 

9-The men who earned the respect of the enemies and own people alike.

10-The men who were the aces and masters of military strategy and tactics 

11-The men who had iron hearts and nerves 

So make sure to read as you will improve your self and and know the qualities heroes have and improve your Leadership qualities and get the motivation to be the best.!!!!!!!!

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