The Given Days
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The Given Days by RJ Gennari

The Given Days by Joshua Michael, Ed Dasso, RJ Gennari and Jon Gennari Can rekindling an old love help Justin Parker conquer his PTSD demons? Or will they drag him down? Justin Parker returns home to Hamilton, Montana after serving in the military in Afghanistan. He is not the same person he was before he left - a severe case of PTSD has changed him dramatically. The question is…Can he return to a normal life? Can he unearth the love he’d treasured with his soul mate, Sierra Rainwater, the Native American girl he left behind? A love that had existed since they met as young children. Returning home was bad enough, but fate constantly shoves haunting memories into his head about why he left Montana in the first place, and promise he made to a fallen brother-in-arms which was the driving force for his return. But Justin finds it is a far more difficult task than he ever imagined. Was returning a mistake? Can he deal with his college friend, Max Turner, who had betrayed him and cost him his lifetime’s dream of an NFL career? Can he face Sierra after abandoning her? Can he survive? Get your copy of Given Days now, and find the answers!
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