The Infinite Jeff – A Parable of Change: Part 1: Journey into Insight

Find out why The Infinite Jeff is #1 on Goodread's "Best Spiritual Fiction" list.

The Infinite Jeff is an uplifting and inspirational tale in spiritual fiction that will stay in your mind long after you close the back cover and set the book down. The main character, Stanley, cannot find meaning in his life. Work is an endless drudgery serving only to pay bills. After being unemployed for six months, he can’t even do that. Religion doesn’t make sense. His family is the only thing that has any meaning in his life, but even that gets turned upside down when he is offered a two-month contract on the other side of the country, and he has to leave his family behind. His cross-country road trip gets strange right away as he reluctantly picks up an enigmatic hitchhiker who takes him on a difficult but soul-fulfilling road trip of self-discovery.

The Infinite Jeff is life-changing visionary and spiritual fiction that will give you a fresh look at age-old concepts.

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