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ISRAELI BESTSELLER NOW IN ENGLISH! "Have you ever asked yourselves if you believe in love at first sight? I never asked and was never eager to find out. I was living in a world where my biggest challenges surrounded work, whether or not to call a specific girl, loving my boss, hating her, or ignoring her. Dying to fuck her on the conference room table or up against the photocopier in the corridor, not capable of touching her with a guide dog for the blind -- regular and mundane matters of any normal person in his twenties. It never occurred to me that I would concern myself with fateful questions, questions of life and death. I certainly didn’t imagine that this would be my life or death. I most definitely didn’t imagine that I would choose death. But if I hadn’t been preoccupied with choosing the preferable way of dying, it seems I would never have known if there is such a thing as love at first sight or not. Were it not for the intervention of the God of Fates himself, I would have been just another guy who had never felt anything in his life, who never experienced the most enchanted moment of all. Suddenly, every refusal of hers is interpreted as a nod. Every receding step seems like lips drawing closer for a kiss. There blows the Goddess of Love and Emotion and a fix of her hair makes your heart skip a beat. A fraction of a smile is everything you could ever wish for. And so, when you but allow this wandering spirit in front of you to acknowledge that this very moment the moon is shining down on the most beautiful evening of her life, you suddenly understand that all the rejections in your life so far have been nothing but pleading smiles, that knew deep down in their hearts that your love wasn’t meant for them, but for her alone. One thing is certain, no matter how much you will be told otherwise. Behind every common womaniser stands a woman who has ripped his heart apart." Reviews: "Psychotic borderline brilliance" ―Sara Rachmiel Book Reviews "Aviv gives us a real understanding of how a man’s brain works" ―Blogger Odelia Tzadok "The authors ability to cast his hero in different dimensions of time, in extreme degrees of recognition and understanding, within a spectrum of emotions that has more colors than the rainbow flag, attests to one thing: Something unusual takes place between these pages" ― Bookmark Books Recommendations "From the first moment, the blunt language is a wonderful mask and a literary tool that serves the plot perfectly. I would not be ashamed to say genius" ―Author Osnat Saban “The Knight Must Die” contains philosophical and existential elements that ask the reader questions about his condition, surroundings, emotions and feelings. It is a book that raised questions about solipsism and touched me at extraordinary depths. This is a very stimulating book – feelings, emotions, thoughts – and thus its greatness and uniqueness" ―Author Doron Braunshtein
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