The Mosquitobait Chronicles: Finders Keepers
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Role reversals of great pun and excitement leads us to Moose and Bear, champions at pillaging campsites and drinking beer. But one misadventure of beer theft leaves them in dire straits, as one does not steal beer from the Rattle and Roll syndicate and get away with the transgression. Consequences forthcoming, they find themselves forced on a quest to find the elusive Hairy Popper, at all costs, and to bring him directly to the mob Boss, Bubbles the Snake.

Set in a backdrop of a fictitious Wisconsin State Park, The Mosquitobait Chronicles sets off on a journey of misadventure and beer chasing, where forest animals may or may not follow in their usual job descriptions.

Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this one hell of a funny, hilarious book!

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