The Mystery of Job: The Key to Understanding yourself
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Arguably one of the oldest books in the world. Kwame Afrifa helps you find great inspiration from the life of the Biblical character Job, a man who endured great suffering. He helps you find truths never mentioned about the story and brings you fresh hopes to embark on life’s journeys with focus and clarity.

By reading this book, you uncover how to:
  • Use Job’s principles of success to transform your mindset.
  • Improve relationships to change your life.
  • Unlock your potential and become the best version of yourself.
  • Draw parallels with your life to get an insightful understanding of the journey ahead.
  • Explore spiritual aspects that will help you grow as a person and ultimately succeed in this world.

Written as if God himself were guiding you to
understand his nature, you become engrossed in peace and freedom that shall not pass.

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