The Relationship Remedy: Habits For A Healthy Marriage and Radical Intimacy
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Is your love life suffering from long-term neglect, and all your energy is spent on work and family, leaving no time to nurture it?

You know that the love is there, but the spark that once ignited that fiery passion between you is not. Or so it may seem.

If you want to learn how to navigate the complexity of relationships and learn how to enjoy rather than endure your partner, then you need to read this book!

The Relationship Remedy, you will discover

  • managing intimacy problems from the perspective of a woman

  • mindful relationship habits

  • tips on how to have a better marriage and strengthen your bond

  • keys to make love work

  • what you can do to improve your communication

  • how to navigate a marriage's journey through change

  • building trust in marriage

There is so much more to discover, as well as how to deepen that love by reigniting the spark that still exists under the bump and grind of life.

Whether it's clearing away negative thoughts or finding new ways to view each other, 
The Relationship Remedy is the ultimate guide to creating habits for a healthy marriage and profound intimacy.

Get your copy today and remedy your relationship the right way!

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