The Sissy Ride

The Sissy Ride by Grace Mansfield

THE SISSY RIDE A Classic of Feminization. ALEX TRENTON loves his wife, but he makes a mistake, he becomes ensnared by a ‘Mystery Messenger’ on the internet and dresses up like a girl. That’s not so bad, but then he is caught by his neighbor, and the fun begins. SANDY is Alex’s neighbor and his wife’s best friend. Image her surprise when she catches Alex in a dress…and she manages to snap a few pictures. Then she finds out about the ‘Mystery Messenger.’ Now Alex is caught between two feminizers, and each want to outdo the other. DAY AFTER DAY Alex is blackmailed, pushed further and further down the road to femininity. He is made to do things he never dreamed of, and what’s worse is his wife is coming home! TANYA is coming home, and boy, has she got a surprise in store for her. But the biggest surprise of all is when Alex discovers the identity of the Mystery Messenger! THE MYSTERY MESSENGER! Nobody knows who she is. But one thing is sure, she is going to give Alex the ride of his life! THE classic of feminization. A man snared in his own trap, subjected to a plot of feminization too dire to be believed!
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