The Soldier Code: Ancient Warrior Wisdom for Modern-Day Christian Soldiers
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An epic war is raging.
Casualties are mounting.
Society stands at a tipping point.

For the Christian, the spiritual battlefield has never been more dangerous. Are you equipped to face the giants challenging your faith, threatening your family, and invading the culture?

Duncan Ray Brannan takes the lenses of thirty years in ministry, a command knowledge of Scripture, original language and culture, and a passion for martial history and focuses them like a laser. With the wisdom of a military strategist, he lays the lore and lessons of six ancient warrior cultures (samurai, Spartan, Viking, knight, gladiator, and legionary) beside the Bible’s timeless wisdom to outfit Christians for today’s tough spiritual battles.

The Soldier Code calls every follower of Jesus Christ to the frontlines, then offers a revolutionary training that will help you…

● EXPLORE profound warrior models to navigate your personal battles
 ENGAGE powerful strategies to defeat enemies within and without
● EMBRACE a code of virtue to armor your life and ignite your spirit

Whether you’re a young believer or seasoned veteran, need sharpening for new battles or healing from old wounds, Brannan’s ground-breaking exploration of spiritual warfare will equip you to take your stand and emerge victorious!

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