The Stretch

The Stretch by Rhys Stalba-Smith


“They passed a signpost… Half a kilometer to being over 200 Kms alone…”

A deserted beach.
A suitcase of money.
A decision that will change a family forever.

All they have to do is survive the Stretch...

Six years ago Annie lost her husband in an accident.
Six days ago her and the kids were preparing to go camping on the Stretch.
Six hours ago they decided to hike in the sand hills.
Six minutes ago they found a body in an old shed.
Six seconds ago the man awoke and told Annie to take the suitcase and run!

Trapped on the shoreline for high tide, if Annie and her kids can escape the beach their lives will be changed forever.

But they're not the only ones after the money.

The 150 kilometer stretch of sand is home to many more things other than the seaweed, dunes, and grass. Predators are roaming.

And they want what’s theirs back.

Annie’s dangerous wish turns deadly, will they make it off the Stretch or get bogged down in murder?

The debut work of Rhys Stalba-Smith is an unputdownable thriller set on the turbulent landscape of the South Australian coast. This suspenseful beach nightmare has a strong female lead and plenty of action.
And along with the boiling sun and vast open sands, you'll need a drink to keep cool while you read. 90s Australia… the land Down Under just became a lot more dangerous.

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