The Vampire’s Missing Cape: What’s a Vampire to Do Without His Famous Outfit? (A Funny, Hilarious, Rhyming, Read Aloud Children’s Picture Book) (The Vampire’s Adventures)
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He’s ready to party, but when this spooky fellow loses his favorite piece of clothing, can he track it down before the sun comes up?

Vamp the Vampire loves to boogie. So when he flies off to find a snack, he’s irresistibly drawn by the sound of funky music that makes him move. But after he works up a sweat and takes off his dazzling coat to cool down, he’s heartbroken when his beloved cape vanishes.

Super sad that his most famous fashion accessory has disappeared, Vamp spins in circles trying to discover where it could have gone. But the harder he looks, the more hopeless his search seems.

Can the fanged disco dancer find his fabulous cloak or is it lost in the night?

The Vampire’s Missing Cape is the delightful first volume in The Vampire’s Adventures children’s picture book series. If you or your child like hilarious mysteries, catchy rhymes, and scary surprises, then you’ll cackle at Steve Stables’ fantastic fable.

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