The Vanishing Act: A Tale of Two Friends and a Mysterious Disappearance: –The Heros : a Adventurous story

This is the story of two best friends named Tom and Jack. They were inseparable and loved going on adventures together.
One day, while exploring a forest near their town, they will notice a strange house/cabin. After witnessing that strange abandoned house, they couldn't resist the temptation to explore it.

what did they do.?
what did they see inside that house..?
what are the challenges they faced after entered into that house..?

These are the elements going to be covered in the story.
It is the story of the children of age group 
5-12. It will make the children brave enough to fight through the challenges we face.

This story inspires the children to be brave and courageous.
This story inspires the children to be a hero.

while reading the story, will be 
gripping, suspenseful as well as at last inspirational and courageous.
Highly recommended for children of the age group of 5-12.

Book Length: