The Warsaw Resistance
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The Warsaw Resistance by Curt O'Riley

In the heart of Warsaw, amidst the shadows cast by the rise of a new political power, Talia Adler, an ordinary high school girl with fiery red hair, finds herself thrust into a nightmare that transcends the boundaries of her once peaceful existence. The Nazis, perpetrators of unspeakable crimes during the Holocaust, bring chaos to her community, forcing Talia into the confines of a Jewish Ghetto. As the weight of despair settles upon her shoulders, a surprising glimmer of hope emerges from an unexpected source - Aaron Oren, a Nazi guard and a familiar face from Talia's school days. Aaron makes a promise to protect Talia at any cost. But can a promise from the very embodiment of her torment be trusted, or will both of them suffer the consequences of a perilous alliance? Set against the backdrop of one of the darkest periods in history - the Holocaust. This true story unfolds with all the suspense of war survival tales.
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