The Whirlpool of My Emotions
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Help your child identify and deal with their emotions through this fun new book, The Whirlpool of My Emotions.

A little boy feels overwhelmed by his big emotions. The more he tries to shake them away, the more chaotic they become.
As another whirlpool of emotions threaten to engulf him whole, will he realize that all of it is inside him which he has the superpower to control?

The Whirlpool of My Emotions guides children to handle their big feelings, highlights the importance of meditation, and encourages children to pause and breathe.

This is a picture book for kids of all ages. The beautiful illustrations will captivate your child and will:

• help them IDENTIFY their emotions
• VALIDATE their big feelings
• guide them to COPE with their emotions

It will help you teach your children the basics and benefits of meditation.

This is a 
must-have book for:

• Children who want to lead a happier life and want to do away with their sad feelings.
• Teachers supporting mindfulness, meditation and emotional literacy.
• Parents & care providers who want to talk to their children about stress, anger and other feelings.

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